20 Weird Things about me. ;P


1. I don’t eat food with fish and sauce. I just eat fried fish.

2. I love visiting churches and collect their names and put in the list.  So far I have listed less than 200 churches all over the Philippines.

3. I am fetish over cleaning my ears.

4. I bring my cellphone anywhere, even in the bathroom.

5. I am too emotional to the point that just a glance from vendors and old people prowling in the streets can eventually brings me to tears.

6. I am not afraid of heights, just water. I can do paragliding or skydiving, but scuba diving? No way!

7. I always have weird dreams and mostly repetitive. My very common dream is walking at night alone or someone’s chasing me in the dark.

8. I love talking to myself.

9. I just can’t handle mobile games.

10. I love eating raw veggies…

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