12 Reasons Meaningful Relationships Are Becoming More And More Rare

Very Much, Indeed…

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elysebeau elysebeau

1. We’re looking for relationships as though they’re something you order. We think that people are consumable, and connections are accomplishments. We only value what they appear to mean, not what they actually are.

2. We regard love as something you “have” not something you “experience.” Most people aren’t conscious of this fact, but they’re only desiring a relationship for what it will mean about them (that they’re worthy of love, for example) or what it will save them from. It’s a thing they get to use… not something they choose to experience.

3. We’re the generation of disconnect, ironically enough in the age of nothing but connection. We’re depressed and comparative and living our lives through images and screens. We can’t put our phones down long enough to focus on one conversation in its entirety… and we expect to build and develop meaningful relationships with the people with…

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